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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5/7] public / x86: introduce __HYPERCALL_iommu_op

Paul Durrant writes ("RE: [PATCH 5/7] public / x86: introduce 
> FWIW Linux appears to use a single '_' prefix and no suffix.

This practice of scattering underscores about, apparently at random,
is baffling to me.

It doesn't look like most of the people who do it are aware of the
rules.  For example, #defining any identifier starting __ is a licence
to the compiler to stuff demons up your nose.

We should do this:
which is (i) not in any of the compiler's namespaces (ii) has XEN_ at
the beginning so we can justify thinking that it won't clash with
anyone else's identifiers (Iii) will never clash with any of our own
because it ends in _H.


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