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Re: [Xen-devel] pvh+vcpus startup issue

On 22/02/18 6:35 PM, Juergen Gross wrote:
On 22/02/18 05:37, xen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi.  I have a domU.  Its params file has: vcpus = 8.  It will start with
pv, but not type="pvh".  It will not start (on pvh) with vcpus = 7 or 6
or 5.  It does start with vcpus = 4.

I diffed the xl -v create logs, no difference there on either startup.

I grabbed the domU console output for a vcpus = 5 start (attached).  It
dies right after:

[    0.007110] cpu 3 spinlock event irq 23
[    0.007336] installing Xen timer for CPU 4
Can you please post the hypervisor log ("xl dmesg")?



Regards, Peter

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