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Re: [Xen-devel] Hangs after /etc/init.d/xencommons start

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 04:19:27PM -0800, ls00722@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi all:
>      I am using arm64 ( hikey) to test for xen.
>     After struggling for two week, I was able to build and install everything 
> on the target, xen and dom0 kernel boots up ok. 
>     However, when I try to use “xl list”, it hangs, I realized I have to 
> start the xencommons  service first. But it hangs as well after I typed in 
> /etc/init.d/xencommons start. 
>    It’s the command “xen-init-dom0” called by the script that hangs.
>    Too bad it doesn’t give me any error message.
>     I am using the most up to date version of xen from github, I know it’s 
> unstable, can anybody tell me how do I look further into the problem?  Or is 
> this right mailing list to ask for help? This seems more like a user space 
> tool problem.

Please make sure xenstored is running.


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