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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC XEN PATCH v4 00/41] Add vNVDIMM support to HVM domains

On 02/09/18 12:33 +0000, Roger Pau Monné wrote:
> Thanks for the series, I'm however wondering whether it's appropriate
> to post a v4 as RFC. Ie: at v4 the reviewer expects the submitter to
> have a clear picture of what needs to be implemented.
> On Thu, Dec 07, 2017 at 06:09:49PM +0800, Haozhong Zhang wrote:
> > All patches can also be found at
> >   Xen:  https://github.com/hzzhan9/xen.git nvdimm-rfc-v4
> >   QEMU: https://github.com/hzzhan9/qemu.git xen-nvdimm-rfc-v4
> > 
> > RFC v3 can be found at
> >   https://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2017-09/msg00964.html
> > 
> > Changes in v4:
> >   * Move the functionality of management util 'xen-ndctl' to Xne
> >     management tool 'xl'.
> >   * Load QEMU ACPI via QEMU fw_cfg and BIOSLinkerLoader interface.
> >   * Other changes are documented in patches separately.
> > 
> > 
> > - Part 0. Bug fix and code cleanup
> >   [01/41] x86_64/mm: fix the PDX group check in mem_hotadd_check()
> >   [02/41] x86_64/mm: avoid cleaning the unmapped frame table
> >   [03/41] hvmloader/util: do not compare characters after '\0' in strncmp
> > 
> > - Part 1. Detect host PMEM
> >   Detect host PMEM via NFIT. No frametable and M2P table for them are
> >   created in this part.
> > 
> >   [04/41] xen/common: add Kconfig item for pmem support
> >   [05/41] x86/mm: exclude PMEM regions from initial frametable
> >   [06/41] acpi: probe valid PMEM regions via NFIT
> >   [07/41] xen/pmem: register valid PMEM regions to Xen hypervisor
> >   [08/41] xen/pmem: hide NFIT and deny access to PMEM from Dom0
> I'm afraid I might ask stupied questions, since I haven't followed the
> design discussion of this series very closely.
> So you basically hide the NVDIMM from Dom0, and only allow guests to
> use it?

Yes, though I have some unsent patches (for vNVDIMM label support) to
allow QEMU in dom0 to access NVDIMM via DMOP.

> What happens when you boot the same system without Xen? Will the
> NVDIMM get corrupted because for example Linux will write something to
> it?

Bare metal OS without Xen may write to NVDIMM which may or may not
corrupt the data, depending on the existing data on NVDIMM and how
other OS uses NVDIMM.

If the bare-metal OS uses NVDIMM, for example, as the volatile memory
or the fast disk cache, then the random data may be dumped to NVDIMM
and corrupt the existing data.

If the bare-metal OS treats NVDIMM as storage, it may probe certain
structures (e.g., file systems) on NVDIMM before further operations
and stop if such structures are not probed. In such case, the existing
data on NVDIMM will not be corrupted.

> >   [09/41] xen/pmem: add framework for hypercall XEN_SYSCTL_nvdimm_op
> >   [10/41] xen/pmem: add XEN_SYSCTL_nvdimm_pmem_get_rgions_nr
> >   [11/41] xen/pmem: add XEN_SYSCTL_nvdimm_pmem_get_regions
> >   [12/41] tools/xl: add xl command 'pmem-list'
> > 
> > - Part 2. Setup host PMEM for management and guest data usage
> >   Allow users or admins in Dom0 to setup host PMEM pages for
> >   management and guest data usages.
> >    * Management PMEM pages are used to store the frametable and M2P of
> >      PMEM pages (including themselves), and never mapped to guest.
> >    * Guest data PMEM pages can be mapped to guest and used as the
> >      backend storage of virtual NVDIMM devices.
> So this is basically tied to a PV Dom0, but I would like to also think
> about what would happen with a PVH Dom0. In that case AFAICT Xen could
> map the full NVDIMM to the Dom0 p2m as MMIO using 1GB pages, at which
> point Dom0 could manage the NVDIMM as desired? Ie: Dom0 could map
> parts of the NVDIMM to DomU as it maps other MMIO regions.

The primary reason I don't want to map NVDIMM to Dom0 (either PV or
PVH) is the frame table and M2P table of NVDIMM are maintained on
NVDIMM. Because NVDIMM is non-volatile and Xen has no idea of which
portion of NVDIMM can be used for frame table and M2P, Xen needs the
user input for such information (patch 18, 22, 23) after it boots
up. That is, before Xen boots up, Xen cannot determine which portion
of NVDIMM for its frame table and M2P that should not map to Dom0.


> I'm not sure Xen needs to know anything else apart from how to map the
> full NVDIMM to Dom0 as MMIO, which would greatly simplify this series.
> Thanks, Roger.

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