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Re: [Xen-devel] [GSOC] Xen on ARM: create multiple guests from device tree

> Good! Please compile Xen for ARM64 and try to boot Xen and Dom0 with it.
> Once you have Xen and Dom0 up and running, you can try to create a small
> guest and start that as well. It will help you setup your build and test
> environments.
> To build Xen for ARM64, you can use native compilation inside the
> qemu-system-aarch64 emulation, but it is slow. Otherwise you can use
> chroot and qemu-aarch64-static (the qemu-user aarch64 target, statically
> compiled). For example give a look at:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Arm64Qemu
> The end goal of the project is to be able to boot two domains directly
> from Xen. Typically, Xen boots Dom0, then only once Dom0 is fully up and
> running, a second domain can be created and that is done via the Xen
> tools (xl). However, it is not always necessary to wait until Dom0 is
> fully booted before starting a second guest. In many embedded
> environments, you only have two or three guests in total to deal with.
> It would be better to create them all in parallel directly from Xen. It
> would drastically shorten the boot time.
> Device tree is used to describe the hardware available on the platform.
> It comes into play in this project because it is the best way to pass
> the required information to Xen, so that Xen knows it needs to boot a
> second guest in addition to Dom0.
> Before we start the main project though, we usually ask candidates to
> send a patch to fix a small issue just to show that they managed to
> setup a dev and test environment correctly. We'll come back with a list
> of potential small issues to fix shortly.
>> I have also proposed to make a port of xen for qemu-system-riscv (it
>> should be ready in Q2.2018) to people from riscv but I haven't
>> received any answer.Anyway, I would like to work with xen on embedded
>> platforms.
> That would be awesome, but I don't think that a project like porting Xen
> to riscv would fit in a GSoC project :-)
Thanks, I will try to do it this weekend.

Though, I want to note, that I probably won't participate in GSoC if
Google continue their discrimination payment policy. For example, last
year I've made a port of RTEMS for RISC-V and received $3600. At the
same time one of the RTEMS project participants did almost nothing and
was expelled from the program before the final evaluation and
received...$3600. That was unfair! Could you imagine what my fellow
from India felt who made an excellent project and received only $2400.

P.S. Is xen-project going to participate in Outreachy?

Regards, Denis Obrezkov

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