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Re: [Xen-devel] qemu-xen fails to build in staging

On Wed, Feb 07, 2018 at 02:44:05PM +0000, Anthony PERARD wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 07, 2018 at 01:40:04PM +0100, Olaf Hering wrote:
> > Am Wed, 7 Feb 2018 11:13:22 +0100
> > schrieb Olaf Hering <olaf@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > 
> > > Yes, it looks like qemu has now submodules which are required for build.
> > 
> > How is the required state of the submodules tracked?
> Hi,
> QEMU have now a script to take care of submodules when building qemu,
> it's ./scripts/git-submodule.sh
> The ./configure script will find out which submodules are needed. If the
> script can find a libdtc, then the submodule dtc should not be build.
> But I think the submodule ui/keycodemapdb is likely to be required.

Maybe the option '--disable-git-update' of the QEMU configure script
will be useful to you, there is some explanation in this commit message:

Anthony PERARD

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