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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 4/7] xen/arm: vsmc: Implement SMCCC 1.1

Hi Julien,

On 6 February 2018 at 20:04, Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 02/06/2018 04:18 PM, Volodymyr Babchuk wrote:
>> On 5 February 2018 at 15:20, Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> The new SMC Calling Convention (v1.1) allows for a reduced overhead when
>>> calling into the firmware, and provides a new feature discovery
>>> mechanism. See ARM DEN 00070A.
>> Сould you please use also a human-readable document name? I remember
>> that I read "Firmware interfaces for mitigating CVE-2017-5715", but I
>> can't remember what is ARM DEN 00070A about.
> The reason I am using ARM DEN 0070A is because the name does not give you
> revision of the specification. So you can't know whether you use rev A or B.
> As new revision may introduce/change behavior, this is very helpful to know
> which specific revision that was used to write the code.

Yes, this is true.
> It is also much easier to find on the web the identifier than the title as
> you directly reach to a given version

And this is also true.
> Anyway, I can mention the full name of the specification in the commit.
Yes, this is exactly what I asked. It would be good to have *both*
document ID and human readable name so one can quickly understood
about what document you are speaking, without googling its ID.

WBR Volodymyr Babchuk aka lorc [+380976646013]
mailto: vlad.babchuk@xxxxxxxxx

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