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[Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] firmware/shim: fix Xen tree setup

There are multiple issues here, and I'm happy to split the patch up if
that's what it takes:
- "set -e" on a separate Makefile line is meaningless. Glue together all
  the lines that this is supposed to cover.
- I have no idea what *.d1 is supposed to refer to - we only have .*.d
  and .*.d2 files (not also the leading dot).
- I have also no idea what *.1 is meant to cover. Instead also exclude
  preprocessed and non-source assembly files.
- Excluding symlinks in the source tree is a problem for me: Short of
  out-of-tree builds, in order to easily build test multiple
  configurations, I'm setting up my build trees as trees of symlinks
  into the source tree. Hence the original logic would find only the few
  generated files under config/. I do realize though that find's -xtype
  primary is a non-standard extension (explicitly having "! type -l"
  seems pointless though, at least for standard conforming find, as
  "-type f" is supposed to only find non-symlinked files).

Irrespective of the changes I'm still observing "mkdir -p" to report a
missing operand, as config/ has no subdirs. Oddly enough this doesn't
cause the whole command (and hence the build to fail), despite the
"set -e" now covering the entire set of commands - perhaps a quirk of
the relatively old bash I've seen this with (a few simple experiments
suggest that commands inside () producing a non-success status would
exit the inner shell, but not the outer one).

Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@xxxxxxxx>

--- a/tools/firmware/xen-dir/Makefile
+++ b/tools/firmware/xen-dir/Makefile
@@ -16,18 +16,18 @@ DEP_FILES=$(foreach i, $(LINK_FILES), $(
 linkfarm.stamp: $(DEP_DIRS) $(DEP_FILES) FORCE
        mkdir -p $(D)
-       set -e
        rm -f linkfarm.stamp.tmp
+       set -e; \
        $(foreach d, $(LINK_DIRS), \
                 (mkdir -p $(D)/$(d); \
                  cd $(D)/$(d); \
                  find $(XEN_ROOT)/$(d)/ -type d |\
-                       sed 's,^$(XEN_ROOT)/$(d)/,,g' | xargs mkdir -p);)
+                       sed 's,^$(XEN_ROOT)/$(d)/,,g' | xargs mkdir -p);) \
        $(foreach d, $(LINK_DIRS), \
                (cd $(XEN_ROOT); \
-                find $(d) ! -type l -type f \
-                $(addprefix ! -path , '*.[oda1]' '*.d[12]')) \
-                >> linkfarm.stamp.tmp ; )
+                find $(d) -xtype f \
+                $(addprefix ! -path , '*.[isoa]' '.*.d' '.*.d2')) \
+                >> linkfarm.stamp.tmp;) \
        $(foreach f, $(LINK_FILES), \
                echo $(f) >> linkfarm.stamp.tmp ;)
        cmp -s linkfarm.stamp.tmp linkfarm.stamp && \

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