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Re: [Xen-devel] I only see one CPU core on Xen when booted via grub

>>> On 23.01.18 at 10:39, <msd+xen-devel@xxxxxx> wrote:
>>  ... your report is very likely duplicating earlier ones where the
>> ACPI root point cannot be found without it being properly
>> propagated through by grub from EFI to Xen. Iirc the only
>> way around that is to chainload xen.efi, if the grub used
>> doesn't support the extensions needed to boot Xen via the
>> multiboot2 protocol (support for which was added during the
>> 4.9 development cycle).
> Thanks. So if I want to boot Xen through grub, I need Xen >= 4.9 and 
> which version of grub ?

I'm afraid this isn't necessarily tied to a version number.


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