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Re: [Xen-devel] Rudolph: merging Vixen and Comet

>>> On 12.01.18 at 14:24, <wei.liu2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here I list the differences between the two implementations.

Thanks for the summary.

>                       Vixen                          Comet
> Boot mode             HVM                            PVH + HVM
> Kconfig options       XEN_GUEST                      XEN_GUEST + PVH_GUEST + 
> Xen build system      No change                      New build target for 
> shim 
> Guest console         Output only                    Bi-directional
> Guest domid           1 or set via shim option       1 or retrieved via cpuid
> Guest type            Hardware domain                Normal domain
> Time source           Emulated                       Xen PV clock
> Shutdown              PV + HW                        PV
> SI mapping            Reserved page                  Fixed map, PFN chosen at 
> runtime
> VCPU id               Handled by L1                  Provide by L0 if 
> available
> VCPU runstate         Forwarded to L0                Handled by L1

Is there anything known as to which of the two might be better,
or whether perhaps the best choice depends on other

> Xen version           L0 version                     L1 version

I think this should really the smaller of the two.


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