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Re: [Xen-devel] Radical proposal: ship not-fully-tidied shim as 4.10.1

On 2018-01-10 11:11, Hans van Kranenburg wrote:

Since the primary audience for security fixes are production
deployments of Xen where customer assets are at risk, is there an
estimate for the percentage/size of Xen deployments where PVH (not
only Xen 4.10) has already been deployed for production customers?
That could give other customers more confidence in deploying PVH in

I have been hearing mostly-very-positive stories around, except for the
missing pvgrub2 support. :)

But as a sysadmin who's also strongly considering to jump to 4.10 and
PVH I'd definitely like to hear more stories.


I deployed deployed Xen 4.10 PVHv2 (from Xen 4.7/4.9 PV) to a good number of hosts, VMs. Not seeing anything too alarming as yet.

Some issues per email thread 'DomU not starting under pvhv2' where some CPUs don't appear to work for me. Seems like these older CPUs are giving us problems: cat /proc/cpuinfo | egrep -qai ' E4600 | E3110 | E5310 | E5320 | E5410 | E5420 | X3220 |Processor 4284|Processor 2212$| Q6600 | E4500 ' && echo "CPU not supporting PVHv2"

Still needing/wanting a solution for VMs currently running pv-grub or PV DomUs stuck on old distros that fail with pvh compatible kernels (4.??+).

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