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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen does not work after changing scheduler's code

On 22/04/16 09:48, tutu sky wrote:
> Hi all.
> I've recently changed and added some line of code in some functions of credit 
> scheduler, then issue:
> make clean
> make world
> (fix compilation errors, if any)
> make install
> rm -f /boot/xen.gz
> and update-grub
> then reboot the system to change to dom0, but when grub is loaded and i 
> choose "ubuntu with Xen hypervisor", some messages come and then grub 
> selection menu appears again.
> after that i deleted my changes in scheduler code and return it back to the 
> default code, do as same as above steps and xen start working. so what does 
> it mean?
> Does it mean wrong rebuilding steps or wrong lines of code added?

Without having more information this is impossible to tell.

You should try to be more specific about "some messages". Try to setup
a serial console as described in:


and capture the console messages. Post those and you might get better
answers. :-)


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