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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH v2] Data integrity extension(DIX) support for xen-block

On 20/04/16 13:08, Bob Liu wrote:
> The "feature-data-integrity" could be extended to "unsigned int" instead of 
> "bool",
> so as to report all DIX formats backend supports.

I think it would be preferable to have something string based.  I think
Linux reports the formats using a string encoding.  Perhaps the same
could be used.

>> 3. The behaviour the frontend can expect from the backend.  (e.g., if
>> the frontend writes sector S with DIX data D, a read of sector S with
>> complete with DIX data D).
> Sorry, I didn't get the point of this example.

If not sure what you're not getting.

This is the behaviour of hardware that has this feature, yes?  The block
device provided by blkback must provide the same behaviour, right?  So
this must be specified.


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