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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 2/5] xentrace: Memory/Page Mapping support for DOMID_XEN on ARM

On 14/04/16 20:52, Ben Sanda wrote:
Julien, George, Andrew, and Stefano,

Hello Ben,

Sorry for the late answer, we were at the Xen hackathon.

Thank you for the explanation.

The ARM implementation of share_xen_page_with_guest is nearly the same
as the x86 one. However, the type is never used so far for the P2M

So far, all ARM domains have been auto-translated. DOMID_XEN is the
first non auto-translated domain.

We could make DOMID_XEN an auto-translated domain by introducing page
table for dummy domain. This would make the code cleaner but use more
memory (allocation of 3 level of page tables).

Stefano, do you have any opinions on this?

How would you like to me proceed with this issue with regard to the
patch set? It sounds like this is a more far reaching architecture
design question for ARM. I have made the other changes to this version
of the code requested, should I submit v4? Or wait for a further
resolution to this discussion?

This patch is the meat of this series. The result of the discussion may change drastically the way this series add support to map xenhap page in the guest.

So I would wait until we agree on the solution.


Julien Grall

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