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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 0/5] xentrace/xenalyze Support on ARM

On 06/04/16 17:51, Ben Sanda wrote:
> Jan, 
>> A couple of formal things: This is v3, and I only now notice
>> indeed I should have looked at some of the patches. Yet which of them
>> isn't clear - I'm being Cc-ed on all of them, instead of just the ones
>> that submission guidelines say I should be. And then all patch
>> subjects start with xenalyze: or xentrace:, suggesting this series
>> isn't touching code other than those two. Generalization of
>> {get,put}_pg_owner(), otoh, while apparently a prereq for the
>> generalization of one or both of the two, should use a more indicative
>> component prefix (or maybe even none at all).
> Thank you for the comments, I will update the names of the patches so
> they are more obvious as to what they touch. As far as the CC'ing
> though, I'm not sure how to do this. When I create the patch and send
> it out  with git send-email I send one email for the entire patch set
> with one CC list. I don't know of a method to send a patch set but
> have each individual patch go to a different CC list.

Word your commit message like so:

Signed-off-by: $ME

and `git send-email` will DTRT.


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