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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v7] libxl: allow 'phy' backend to use empty files

Roger Pau Monné writes ("Re: [PATCH v7] libxl: allow 'phy' backend to use empty 
> This check is done inside of a switch branch that's only used by 
> LIBXL_DISK_BACKEND_PHY, so it doesn't assume that every backend can handle 
> empty files.
> I can move the check to a lower place (after the other checks), but those 
> are not error checking, they are just checks to make sure the right 
> backend is used, just like this one. I don't see how altering their order 
> is going to make any difference.

Thanks for your replies, which convinced me.  I have rebased your
patch onto staging, fixing the trivial conflict with the colo series,
and queued it for my next push.


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