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Re: [Xen-devel] [xen-unstable baseline test] 60878: regressions - FAIL

osstest service owner writes ("[xen-unstable baseline test] 60878: regressions 
- FAIL"):
> "Old" tested version had not actually been tested; therefore in this
> flight we test it, rather than a new candidate.  The baseline, if
> any, is the most recent actually tested revision.

The above paragraph is a lie.

The machinery has confused itself.  It only considers a flight to have
tested some revison X of tree Y if it includes (a) at least one job
involving revision X of Y and (b) no jobs involving some other
revision X' of Y.

But since the introduction of the cross-version migration tests, every
flight includes some builds of the previous release of Xen.  So all
such jobs will fail this test.

I will adjust the history-inspector to teach it not to disregard
build-*-prev.  And, I am going to kill some of the currently-executing
flights, so expect some half-baked reports (and maybe some more of
these reports of spurious baseline retests).


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