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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 00/28] Introduce HVM without dm and new boot ABI

This series is split in the following order:

 - Patches from 1 to 10 switch HVM domain contruction to use the xc_dom_*
   family of functions, like they are used to build PV domains. This batch
   of patches can go in regardless of the status of the rest of the series
   IMHO, and in fact would help me quite a lot with the rebasing.
 - Patches from 11 to 21 allow disabling the devices emulated inside of Xen.
 - Patches from 21 to 28 introduce the creation of HVM guests without a
   device model and without the devices emulated inside of Xen.

This series has been successfully tested on the following hardware:

 - Intel Xeon W3550.
 - AMD Opteron 4184.

With both hap=0 and hap=1 in the configuration file. I've been able to boot
a SMP guest in this mode with a virtual hard drive and a virtual network
card, all working fine AFAICT.

For this round only maintainers of the specific code being modified have
been Cced on the patches.

The series can also be found in the following git repo:

git://xenbits.xen.org/people/royger/xen.git branch hvm_without_dm_v5

And for the FreeBSD part:

git://xenbits.xen.org/people/royger/freebsd.git branch new_entry_point_v4

In case someone wants to give it a try, I've uploaded a FreeBSD kernel that
should work when booted into this mode:


This FreeBSD kernel starts the APs in long mode. There are examples for 
starting the APs in other modes in the sys/x86/xen/pv.c file.

The config file that I've used is:



name = "freebsd"

Of course if you have a FreeBSD disk already setup it can also be added to
the configuration file, and the following line can be used to point FreeBSD
to the disk:


AW    01/28 libxc: split x86 HVM setup_guest into smaller
AW    02/28 libxc: unify xc_dom_p2m_{host/guest}
AW    03/28 libxc: introduce the notion of a container type
AW    04/28 libxc: introduce a domain loader for HVM guest
AW    05/28 libxc: make arch_setup_meminit a xc_dom_arch hook
AW    06/28 libxc: make arch_setup_boot{init/late} xc_dom_arch
A     07/28 libxc: rework BSP initialization
A   M 08/28 libxc: introduce a xc_dom_arch for hvm-3.0-x86_32
 W    09/28 libxl: switch HVM domain building to use xc_dom_*
AW    10/28 libxc: remove dead HVM building code
A   M 11/28 xen/x86: add bitmap of enabled emulated devices
A   M 12/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated local apic
A     13/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated HPET
A     14/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the pmtimer
A     15/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated RTC
A     16/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated IO APIC
A     17/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated PIC
A     18/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated pmu
A     19/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated VGA
A     20/28 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated IOMMU
      21/28 xen/x86: allow disabling all emulated devices inside
AW    22/28 elfnotes: intorduce a new PHYS_ENTRY elfnote
 W  M 23/28 libxc: allow creating domains without emulated
    M 24/28 xen/x86: allow HVM guests to use hypercalls to bring
 W    25/28 xenconsole: try to attach to PV console if HVM fails
   N  26/28 libxc/xen: introduce a start info structure for
A     27/28 libxc: switch xc_dom_elfloader to be used with
    M 28/28 libxl: allow the creation of HVM domains without a

A = Acked/Reviewed by Andrew Cooper.
W = Acked/Reviewed by Wei Liu.
N = New in this version.
M = Modified in this version.

Thanks, Roger.

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