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Re: [Xen-devel] Redhat 6 VM crash on Xen when cpu number reaches 64

"Ouyangzhaowei (Charles)" <ouyangzhaowei@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> Hi all:
>>> Now a days, we tested Redhat 6.2(6.4) on Xen(version 4.1.2).
>>> If we config the cpu number more than 32, it'll show 32 in
>>> the VM, and if we config it 64 cpus, the VM will crash and
>>> the log is list below.
>>> Can someone tell us why is this happening?
>> Old RHEL6 kernels don't have support for VCPU info placement for PVHVM
>> (VCPUOP_register_vcpu_info call) so only 32 VCPUs are supported. This is
>> fixed in current 6.6.z kernel.
> Hi Vitaly,
> Is there any official announcement of this on Redhat website?
> We did not find any explanation about this, can you help us to find
> it?

As far as I can see this bug didn't make it to the release notes, it is
included in the following errata (6.7 kernel update):

You can see upstream commit ids in my reply to Konrad:


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