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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.6 2/3] xl: fix vNUMA vcpus parsing

On 12/08/15 20:36, Wei Liu wrote:
> Originally, if user didn't specify maxvcpus= in xl config file, the
> maximum size of vcpu bitmap was always equal to maximum number of pcpus.
> This might not be what user wants.
> Calculate the maximum number of vcpus before allocating vcpu bitmap.
> This requires parsing the same config options twice. Extra a macro to do
> that.
> +#define PARSE_VNUMA_SPEC(body)

Just when I though libxl/xl's macro craziness couldn't get any worse...

Do you want anyone else to be able to understand this code?

It looks like you can parse the option into a list of (option, value)
tuples and then iterate over this list twice.


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