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Re: [Xen-devel] Does Xen project have test suites for testing xc/xl/hypercall and so on?

On 07/08/15 09:47, Jinjian (Ken) wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I'm looking into xen's test suites now, and encounter some problems.
>    Does xen have unit tests that can be executed by xen contributors to
> validate their code-commits before sending a patch to xen-devel?
>    In xen-4.5.1(and its upstream), there are sevral test cases in the
> 'tests' directory, but these are much like tools, rather than test
> cases at my view. For example, it obtains physical address by
> hypercall and write relevant MSR in mce-test, but it didn't tell us
> whether the address obtained was correct? and is the register written
> successfully? There seems to have no method or expected results to
> check them.
>    If it was unit test, it is obviously not enough for xen. Are there
> any more test methods to ensure the accuracy and stability of xen?

There is basically nothing in the way of unit tests which I am aware
of.  We rely on code review and functional testing primarily.

I have some plans to introduce some functional tests from a guests
perspective.  I hope to have these ready in the 4.7 timeframe, but there
is nothing similar which I am aware of.


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