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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V3 0/6] add xsaves/xrstors support

On 05/08/15 02:57, Shuai Ruan wrote:
> Detail hardware spec can be found in chapter 13 (section 13.11 13.12) of the 
> Intel SDM [1].
> patch1: add xsaves/xrstors support for pv guest
> patch2: add xsaves/xrstors support for xen
> patch3-5: add xsaves/xrstors support for hvm guest
> patch6: swtich on detection of xsaves/xrstors/xgetbv in xen

This order of operations seems backwards.

Can I suggest starting with a patch which adds various xsaves/etc
defines/helper functions/etc (rather than having them spread through the
series), then a patch which allows Xen to start using the features, then
adding support to PV and HVM guests.


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