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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] PCI: Add guard to avoid mapping a invalid msix base address

>> Right, I think it does.
>> One question: do we need to check flags for IORESOURCE_DISABLED as well?
>> Currently IORESOURCE_DISABLED and IORESOURCE_UNSET are set together for PCI
>> so it probably doesn't matter right now but if this changes we won't want to
>> use BAR that's disabled, will we?
> That's a good question.  My intent was to use IORESOURCE_DISABLED for
> cases where we don't want to even try to assign resources to a BAR,
> e.g., for BARs that want more than 4GB of space when the kernel isn't
> compiled with support for 64-bit BARs.  In that case, I intended to
> set IORESOURCE_UNSET as well.
> So I think we're OK with only testing IORESOURCE_UNSET.
> Yijing, do you want to expand this patch to fix
> xen_initdom_setup_msi_irqs() as well?

I'm willing to do.


> Bjorn
> .


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