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[Xen-devel] frame buffer shared by domains on arch arm linux

I am trying to run the PVHVM guest on omap5 (arm arch) so that I can get the frame buffer shared by Domains. my setup are:
1. run xen4.5 after the u-boot.
2. start the dom0 (on linux kernel 3.12) on xen.
3. run the qemu (from xen 4.5) and HVM backend on xen.
4. run the guest domain as "Machine: Dummy Virtual Machine, model: XENVM-4.5"
5. try to build a frame buffer on guest domain by

after change to domain checking in the first list of xenfb_init(...) in xen-fbfront.c from
    if (!xen_pv_domain()) --->    if (!xen_domain())
the /dev/fb0 is built up on guest domain. However, writing to this fb has no response from screen.

Why xenfb_init limited to PV domain only?

Is the PVHVM mode supported by xen4.5 and linux3.12?

Looks at the xen.h at the linux kernel source:
enum xen_domain_type {
    XEN_NATIVE,        /* running on bare hardware    */
    XEN_PV_DOMAIN,        /* running in a PV domain      */
    XEN_HVM_DOMAIN,        /* running in a Xen hvm domain */
seems PVHVM is not there yet?

Kindly enlighten me what could be the solution to get the frame buffer shared by Domains?

Mao Mingya

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