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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC][PATCH v1] xen-fbfront: replace deferred io with buffer queue

On 1/19/2015 3:31 PM, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Mon, 2015-01-19 at 14:03 +0200, Sergiy Kibrik wrote:
>>  include/xen/interface/io/fbif.h   |    9 +-
> Please get the any protocol changes reviewed and accepted into xen.git
> first, including e.g. the switch to grant tables, if that requires
> front/back end coordination.
> Ian.

hi Ian,
I surely can post a patch for xen.git as well, however my major
intention is not just to have all the stuff accepted, but rather to
receive comments about design itself, whether such work is appropriate
or not, or probably the community thinks of some other ways to implement
Current state is really too far from being acceptable.


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