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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] [TestDay] minor bug + possible configuration bug 4.5rc4 archlinux

On Mon, Jan 12, Ian Campbell wrote:

> @devs -- we obviously need to do something about this (too late for 4.5,
> but for 4.6 + backport). Perhaps there is some alternative systemd
> construction which disassociates the actual path from the abstract
> service "xenstored dir mounted"?

I dont think we can do anything about this systemd brain damage. Either
it gets its Where= from such line within the file, or it gets its Where=
from the filename. In which case it has to stop looking at a Where=

In any case, its wrong to use --localstatedir=/tmpfs-mount-point because
that means all mails in the spool subdirectory are in danger. If thats
the mindset of ArchLinux all we can do is to recommend to stop using it
for any serious task.


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