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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/4] dt-uart: cleanups, bugfixes and /chosen/stdout-path support

The two main changes here are:

      * a bugfix to deal with DT paths which contain a common, which are
        perfectly valid and quite common.
      * support for the /chosen/stdout-path device tree property, which
        allows Xen to find a boot console without manual configuration
        if presented with a suitable device tree. Juno and Seattle both
        contain the node in the dt supplied with the upstream Linux
        kernel (not sure about their factory kernel), as do a bunch of
        non-virt capable arm devices, but with stdout-path support being
        added to Linux in v3.19-rc1 I expect that number will soon grow.

I think "dt-uart: use ':' as separator between path and options"
should be a candidate for stable backport.

Since last time: removed back compat support for ',', constify, warn if
stdout-path is truncated.

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