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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] README, xen/Makefile: Update to Xen 4.5.0

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk writes ("[Xen-devel] [PATCH] README, xen/Makefile: Update 
to Xen 4.5.0"):
> -The 4.3 release offers a number of improvements, including NUMA
> -scheduling affinity, openvswitch integration, and defaulting to
> -qemu-xen rather than qemu-traditional for non-stubdom guests.
> -(qemu-xen is kept very close to the upstream project.)  We also have a
> -number of updates to vTPM, and improvements to XSM and Flask to allow
> -greater disaggregation.  Additionally, 4.3 contains a basic version of
> -Xen for the new ARM server architecture, both 32- and 64-bit.  And as
> -always, there are a number of performance, stability, and security
> +The 4.5 release offers a number of improvements: including shedding

Should read
  +The 4.5 release offers a number of improvements, including: shedding
(note two punctuation changes) and the list items should all be
separated with semicolons IMO.

> +(aka NUMA affinity), API expansion for guest introspection; Real Time
> +Scheduler. We also have number of updates for CPU specific changes, such

Needs "and," or "and" before "Real Time Scheduler".  And you should
say what was done to the RT scheduler, since it's not just a new

> +as Broadwell Supervisor Mode Access Prevention, Haswell Bridge Cache QoS

I would put a : after "such as" and use semicolons in this list too.

> +Monitoring aka Intel Resource Director Technology, and further extensions
> +to vAPIC (SandyBridge feature), fixes in AMD microcode loading, and
> +Data Breaking Extensions and masking MSR support on AMD.

"and" should appear only in the final list item.

> +Additionally, 4.5 has a huge update to the ARM code allowing us to support
> +more than 1TB guests, support for more than 8 CPUs, Power State Coordination
> +Interface (0.2), UEFI booting, IOMMU support (SMMUv1), Super Page (2MB) 
> support,
> +passthrough of MMIO regions to guests, and lower interrupt latency.

All of the entries in the list should be in the same part of speech.
I would make them all nouns.  So:

  +Additionally, 4.5 has a huge update to the ARM code, including support
  +for: >=1TB guests; more than 8 CPUs; Power State Coordination
> +Interface (0.2); UEFI booting; IOMMU (SMMUv1); Super Page (2MB);
> +passthrough of MMIO regions to guests; and lower interrupt latency.

Similarly for the final paragraph.


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