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Re: [Xen-devel] weird memory access problem running on dom0

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 5:36 AM, Alice Wan <wanjia19870902@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> well, no balloon, command line has dom0_mem=
> no any useful dmesg, xm dmesg
> kernel haven't config DEBUG
> and maybe if we open DEBUG, this problem can't be reproduced.
> has any ideas about pte_flags ?
> some info about mtrr
> reg00: base=0x0ffc00000 ( 4092MB), size=    4MB, count=1: write-protect
> reg01: base=0x080000000 ( 2048MB), size= 1024MB, count=1: uncachable
> reg02: base=0x0c0000000 ( 3072MB), size=  512MB, count=1: uncachable
> reg03: base=0x0e0000000 ( 3584MB), size=  256MB, count=1: uncachable
> reg04: base=0x0f0000000 ( 3840MB), size=  128MB, count=1: uncachable
> reg05: base=0x0f8000000 ( 3968MB), size=   64MB, count=1: uncachable
> reg06: base=0x0fc000000 ( 4032MB), size=   32MB, count=1: uncachable
> reg07: base=0x0fec00000 ( 4076MB), size=    4MB, count=1: uncachable

Any updates on this?


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