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Re: [Xen-devel] Mapping shared pages from Windows

On 10/27/2013 6:43 PM, Simon Martin wrote:
> I am porting a real-time embedded OS that I originally developed on a Texas
> Instruments TMS320C3x DSP on proprietary hardware. This was then ported to
> MIPS64 (again on proprietary hardware) and now finally it's running on an 
> ARM9.
> I have already ported this to a Windows user space application and run it as a
> simulator. Of course timing is all shot and you can't use it to control any 
> real
> time processes, but it suffices to be able to program on the hoof without real
> hardware.

Is your simulator going to be running on top of Windows?

> The current project will run this simulator on a dedicated processing core 
> using
> the arinc653 scheduler (as recommended by Andrew Cooper) and making it real 
> time
> again. 

The arinc653 scheduler is a fixed periodic timeslice scheduler, which may not be
what you want.

Can you achieve your goal with just cpu-pinning or cpu-pools and the credit or
sedf schedulers?

> At the moment my development is in the initial stages of learning the Xen
> infrastructure and how to push things around. I expect to be another couple of
> weeks experimenting with ways of doing things before I decide how this should 
> be
> done. Like for instance setting up a CPU pool with the arinc653 scheduler 
> seems
> to crash the hypervisor.

The arinc653 scheduler currently only supports a single physical core and does
not really support CPU pools.  It would be nice if it detected these conditions
and printed an error though, instead of simply crashing...


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