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Re: [Xen-devel] Hvm_emulate_one() and guest_cpu_user_regs()->eip

>> guest_cpu_user_regs() for it's context) will succeed _without_ modifying
>> guest_cpu_user_regs()->eip. Again, this is not only happening when
>> hvm_emulate_one() returns X86EMUL_RETRY (which I'd expect), but also, in
>> some cases, when it returns no error.
>> Why would that happen, and what might be an example of an instruction
>> that could cause that if that's normal behaviour?
> If you've noticed it, you're in a much better position to tell us for
> which instructions this _is_ happening than we are. As for when
> this is validly happening - off the top of my head I can only think of
> repeated string instructions as candidates (where the progress
> being made is expressed in decreasing [RE]CX) or, in similar ways,
> LOOPs having their own address as jump target.

Indeed, the question was actually "what class of instructions might
cause this", not "what instruction is causing my particular issue".
I should have formulated it in clearer terms.

Thank you for your answer.

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