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Re: [Xen-devel] Problems when creating domU on FastModel Cortex-A15

What exact version (i.e. changesets) of Xen and Linux are you running?

Have you started the Xen control daemons (xenconsoled and xenstored)?
What is the contents of your domU-config?
I use xen-4.4 unstable (downloaded around Sep 15), and Linux 3.11 as dom0 and domU. The xenconsoled and xenstored is running:
root@dom0:/root# ps -A |grep xen
    9 ?        00:00:00 xenwatch
   10 ?        00:00:00 xenbus
   14 ?        00:00:00 xenbus_frontend
   47 ?        00:00:00 xenconsoled
   53 ?        00:00:02 xenstored
domU-config is:
root@dom0:/root# cat domU-config
kernel = "/root/image"
memory = 100
name = "domU"
vcpus = 1
disk = [ 'phy:/dev/loop0,xvda,w' ]
Hi Ian/all,
I tried xen-4.3 and Linux-3.9.11 just now. There is no "Failed to unmap pfn:86cf6 rc:-2" error. But I still cannot create domU. It seems some problems like:
libxl: verbose: libxl_create.c:130:libxl__domain_build_info_setdefault: qemu-xen is unavailable, use qemu-xen-traditional instead: No such file or directory

The whole log from xl create -vvv is in:

I made the domU kernel image file by:
# cat arch/arm/boot/zImage.dom0 xenvm-4.2.dtb > /mnt/root/image

And setup loop device like (the FS image follows the same instructions used when creating dom0):
$ losetup /dev/loop0 /root/domU.img

So I'm not sure how can I see the domU console?

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