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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] common/sched: Correct function prototypes

On 11/10/2013 13:06, "Tim Deegan" <tim@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>> ... I'd much prefer if we stopped naming parameters in declarations
>>>> where the parameter types are already sufficiently describing them.
>>> I'd rather not -- I prefer the declarations to match the definitions.
>> Any specific reason for that?
> Nothing very strong -- I just find it easier to read, and more
> consistent (since we do need to keep the names of _some_ arguments).
> I know there are lots of type-only declarations in the tree already, and
> I'm not suggesting we get rid of them, but I wouldn't like to see it
> become the prescribed coding style.

I agree with this.

 -- Keir

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