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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] libxl: support for using 'MmGg' as memory size suffix

Wei Liu writes ("[PATCH RFC] libxl: support for using 'MmGg' as memory size 
> Modify lexer to special-case memory size string. Introduce
> xlu_cfg_get_memsize to parse memroy size strings.

Urgh, this is really quite an ugly special case.

Perhaps a better approach might be to just permit unquoted strings
when the string is vaguely like a token, and return the token type
STRING from the lexer in that case.

> +    if ((*ep!='M' && *ep!='m' && *ep!='G' && *ep!='g') ||
> +    if (*ep=='G' || *ep=='g') {

Surely this should be done with switch().


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