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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen supported LAPIC features

On 09/10/13 15:04, Hoyer, David wrote:
> That message below only shows up when I kick off my domU (the vxWorks 
> kernel).   I bumped the counter as you mentioned below but that did not help. 
>   It will take awhile to see where the vxWorks kernel might be attempting the 
> register 3 operation on ioapic.  But since this works just fine when I run 
> the vxWorks kernel directly on HW, I am not inclined to believe there is a 
> big problem with the ioapic driver.

On Xen, as well as real hardware, you will read 0xffffffff from that
attempted access.  Xen is merely also making a note that you have a
buggy ioapic driver.  My point was that, given you definitely have a
buggy ioapic driver, are you certain you have no bugs in your lapic driver?


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