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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] tools/xen-mceinj: support AMD

Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>> On 31.05.13 at 13:31, "Liu, Jinsong" <jinsong.liu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Egger, Christoph wrote:
>>> @@ -44,11 +47,14 @@
>>>  #define MCi_type_STATUS     0x1
>>>  #define MCi_type_ADDR       0x2
>>>  #define MCi_type_MISC       0x3
>>> -#define MCi_type_CTL2       0x4
>>> +#define MC4_type_MISC1      0x4
>>> +#define MC4_type_MISC2      0x5
>>> +#define MC4_type_MISC3      0x6
>>> +#define MCi_type_CTL2       0x7
>> Why change original sequence? I didn't see the necessity of doing so
>> --> please add new types behind old ones so that we don't need test
>> old logic again. 
> Actually I think I'm with Christoph here - keeping the MSIC ones
> together makes more sense than having unmanageable mixture of
> things in arbitrary order.
> If the original code was written half way properly, then I also don't
> see any re-testing need - there shouldn't be any dependencies on
> the particular values these symbols have (after all that's what they
> were - supposedly - introduced for).
> Jan

OK, it make sense to me.

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