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Re: [Xen-devel] xen 4.3 test report (another bug)

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 01:14:05PM +0400, Vasiliy Tolstov wrote:
> Then i'm use qemu-xen-traditional
> And start simple domain:
> name="170131-10018"
> vif="mac=00:16:3e:00:21:98,ip="
> disk="phy:/dev/disk/vbd/170131-18,xvda,w"
> memory=2048
> maxmem=2048
> vcpus=4
> maxvcpus=4
> cpu_cap=400
> cpu_weight=2048
> vfb="type=vnc,vncpasswd=x0boskQNan"
> with kernel inside domU 2.6.32-220-el6 (centos 6 stock kernel)
>  and worked for 12-16 hours domU misses network.
> No packets goes to dom0 vif interface (tcpdump says nothing).
> xl dmesg says nothing.
> qemu-dm says nothing
> I'm try to rmmod xen_netfront module inside domU and after that
> modprobe it and get errors:
> net eth0: xennet_release_rx_bufs: fixme for copying receiver.
> WARNING: g.e. still in use!
> WARNING: leaking g.e. and page still in use!

What's your Dom0 kernel? Could you confirm netback is still running?

Did you try to rmmod xen-netfront when there was not connection?  It
looks like the grant table entry is still in use. But if netfront was
still pushing packets to netback I think that warning message is

> ip a s says that i have eth0 but i cant get link up (ip link set up
> dev eth0 says:
> Cannot assign requested address)
> This behaviour fixes reboot. But after some time this happened again.
> P.S. I can check qemu-xen (upstream qemu) because it can't migrate
> (see my previous emails with subject xen 4.3 test report.

Not quite sure if this is related to QEMU. I think the preferred backend
is netback.


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