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Re: [Xen-devel] Very strange behavior between balloon driver and network driver (Arndale)

>This needs to be a Xen argument, not a dom0 kernel argument.
Ah! got it.

>That said I thought that privcmd mmapbatch put back the original page,
>perhaps I am mistaken here though.
>>   - create domU with config autoballoon="off"
>>You put this in /etc/xen/xl.conf, not the guest config, correct?


I guess the current work-around solution would be commenting out 
the following two lines, very nasty and introduces memory leak though.
Memory leak gives more time than network error for testing xen on Arndale  :)

In function drivers/xen/balloon.c
           //if (current_credit())
          //      schedule_delayed_work(&balloon_worker, 0);

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