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Re: [Xen-devel] Any plan to support disk driver domain?

On 04/04/13 12:26, G.R. wrote:
> Hi developers,
> I'm currently running a PVHVM freeNAS domU to serve storage (SATA
> controller passed-through) to all other domUs. However, some issues are
> observed in the network / NFS performance for the NAS domU.
> I noticed that there is a blkback driver in freebsd which is documented
> as capable to export disk to other domains, which looks very promising.
> However, the wiki says that disk driver domain is not supported (at
> least for now).
> I wonder if there is any plan to support such disk driver domain? It'll
> be a great feature for my use case.

I've added a tutorial that explains how to use storage driver domains
with Xen 4.3, it contains a FreeBSD section that explains how to use ZFS
ZVOLS as disk backends for other domains, see:


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