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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATH] tools/hotplug/Linux: Add IPv6 support to vif-common filtering


> WRT the release, we are now frozen for 4.3 and I'd be concerned about
> introducing a subtle (or not so subtle) networking regression. George
> what do you think?

I'm not really in a hurry, I have to maintain my own package anyways
for other custom patches anyway.
I just thought this one might be useful for others and IPv6 is more
and more popular.

> I notice you use --physdev-out -- I got the impression that this wasn't
> supported any more (occasional bug reports about a warning message). TBH
> I don't know enough about what it does to say one way or the other.

physdev-out is only supported for bridged devices, hence the
"physdev-is-bridged" option.
If the device isn't bridged, it simply won't match and iptables has to
be configured some
other way.

But those limitations are already present in the IPv4 iptables config.

> One minor niggle, you've spelt "explicitly" as "explicitely".

Damnit :p

I'll wait and see if there are other comments on the patch and resend
with all corrections if needed.



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