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Re: [Xen-devel] [Hackathon minutes] PV frontends/backends and NUMA machines

On 20/05/13 15:48, George Dunlap wrote:
> On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 2:44 PM, Stefano Stabellini
> <stefano.stabellini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> these are my notes from the discussion that we had at the Hackathon
>> regarding PV frontends and backends running on NUMA machines.
>> ---
>> The problem: how can we make sure that frontends and backends run in the
>> same NUMA node?
>> We would need to run one backend kthread per NUMA node: we have already
>> one kthread per netback vif (one per guest), we could pin each of them
>> on a different NUMA node, the same one the frontend is running on.
>> But that means that dom0 would be running on several NUMA nodes at once,
>> how much of a performance penalty would that be?
>> We would need to export NUMA information to dom0, so that dom0 can make
>> smart decisions on memory allocations and we would also need to allocate
>> memory for dom0 from multiple nodes.
>> We need a way to automatically allocate the initial dom0 memory in Xen
>> in a NUMA-aware way and we need Xen to automatically create one dom0 vcpu
>> per NUMA node.
>> After dom0 boots, the toolstack is going to decide where to place any
>> new guests: it allocates the memory from the NUMA node it wants to run
>> the guest on and it is going to ask dom0 to allocate the kthread from
>> that node too. (Maybe writing the NUMA node on xenstore.)
>> We need to make sure that the interrupts/MSIs coming from the NIC arrive
>> on the same pcpu that is running the vcpu that needs to receive it.
>> We need to do irqbalacing in dom0, then Xen automatically will make the
>> physical MSIs follow the vcpu automatically.
>> If the card is multiqueue we need to make sure that we use the multiple
>> queues so that we can have difference sources of interrupts/MSIs for
>> each vif. This allows us to independently notify each dom0 vcpu.
> So the work items I remember are as follows:
> 1. Implement NUMA affinity for vcpus
> 2. Implement Guest NUMA support for PV guests
> 3. Teach Xen how to make a sensible NUMA allocation layout for dom0
> 4. Teach the toolstack to pin the netback threads to dom0 vcpus
> running on the correct node (s)
> Dario will do #1.  I volunteered to take a stab at #2 and #3.  #4 we
> should be able to do independently of 2 and 3 -- it should give a
> slight performance improvement due to cache proximity even if dom0
> memory is striped across the nodes.
> Does someone want to volunteer to take a look at #4?  I suspect that
> the core technical implementation will be simple, but getting a stable
> design that everyone is happy with for the future will take a
> significant number of iterations.  Learn from my fail w/ USB hot-plug
> in 4.3, and start the design process early. :-)

#4 is easy to implement from my POV in blkback, you just need to write a
node in the xenstore backend directory that tells blkback to pin the
created kthread to a specific NUMA node, and make sure that the memory
used for that blkback instance is allocated from inside the kthread. My
indirect descriptors series already removes any shared structures
between different blkback instances, so some part of this work is
already done. And I guess that something similar could be implemented
for QEMU/Qdisk from the toolstack level (pin the qemu process to a
specific NUMA node).

I'm already quite familiar with the blkback code, so I can take care of
#4 for blkback.

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