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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.3 development update RC2 imminent

> * Windows 2003 fails to install in Xen-unstable tip
>   > Narrowed down to c/s 2fe82ac11fd078485388fe7c5e8bc3b6ac9185b0
>   owner: Jan Beulich
>   status: Patches posted


Given that Keir hasn't weighed in on this, and you are the RTC
maintainer, can you please make an executive decision and check in a
fix of some kind -- either reverting RTC or applying the recent patch
series fixes?

Whatever the solution is we need to start to get it tested as early as possible.

> * XSA-46 regression in PV pass-through?
>   > Seems to be a xend issue; therefore not a 4.3 blocker
>   owner: Jan Beulich
>   status: patch posted (libxc enforces 1:1 mapping of pirqs)

Is your 1:1 pirq mapping patch suitable for 4.3, do you think?


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