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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/20][V5]: PVH xen: version 5 patches...

I've version 5 of my patches for 64bit PVH guest for xen.  This is Phase I.
These patches are built on top of git
c/s: 4de97462d34f7b74c748ab67600fe2386131b778

Phase I:
   - Establish a baseline of something working. These patches allow for
     dom0 to be booted in PVH mode, and after that guests to be started
     in PV, PVH, and HVM modes. I also tested booting dom0 in PV mode,
     and starting PV, PVH, and HVM guests.

     Also, the disk must be specified as phy: in vm.cfg file:
         > losetup /dev/loop1 guest.img
         > vm.cfg file: disk = ['phy:/dev/loop1,xvda,w']        

     I've not tested anything else.
     Note, HAP and iommu are required for PVH.

As a result of V3, there were two new action items on the linux side before
it will boot as PVH: 1)MSI-X fixup and 2)load KERNEL_CS righ after gdt switch.

As a result of V5 a new fixme:
  - MMIO ranges above the highest covered e820 address must be mapped for dom0.

Following fixme's exist in the code:
  - Add support for more memory types in arch/x86/hvm/mtrr.c.
  - arch/x86/time.c: support more tsc modes.
  - check_guest_io_breakpoint(): check/add support for IO breakpoint.
  - implement arch_get_info_guest() for pvh.
  - vmxit_msr_read(): during AMD port go thru hvm_msr_read_intercept() again.
  - verify bp matching on emulated instructions will work same as HVM for
    PVH guest. see instruction_done() and check_guest_io_breakpoint().

Following remain to be done for PVH:
   - AMD port.
   - Avail PVH dom0 of posted interrupts. (This will be a big win).
   - 32bit support in both linux and xen. Xen changes are tagged "32bitfixme".
   - Add support for monitoring guest behavior. See hvm_memory_event* functions
     in hvm.c
   - Change xl to support other modes other than "phy:".
   - Hotplug support
   - Migration of PVH guests.

Thanks for all the help,

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