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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 3] blktap3/libxl: add support for blktap3 in libxl

> > 3. Since there is no block device in dom0 any more, pygrub won't be
> able to
> >    boot from VHD files. To get around this problem, pygrub can use
> the NBD
> >    functionality (existing in blktap2.5): it can explicitly ask
> tapback to
> >    create a NDB in order to access the virtual disk. This
> functionality will be
> >    implemented in a future patch series. However, this will only work
> for Linux
> >    dom0's. As a generic solution that would work on any dom0, we
> could
> >    implement a simple protocol for data exchange between pygrub and
> tapdisk.
> Isn't it possible to just "attach" a blkfront in the dom0 if you want a
> block device ?

Actually I was wrong about this, since libxl explicitly detaches the block 
device once done with pygrub. There was another reason using blkfront in dom0 
wouldn't work but I've been told that it got fixed now. So, using blkfront with 
blktap3 in dom0 could work.

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