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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/2] Xen/vMCE: bugfix to remove problematic is_vmce_ready check

On 13.05.13 12:44, Liu, Jinsong wrote:
>>> Please refer to the description of patch 2/2, especially
>>>     * For dom0, if really need check, it should check whether vMCE
>>>     injection for dom0 ready (say, exception trap bounce check, which
>>>     has been done at inject_vmce()), not check dom0 mcelog ready
>>>     (which has been done at mce_softirq() before send global virq to
>>> dom0). 
>>> Which means before hypervisor send error log via virq to dom0,
>>> current code has checked whether mcelog ready at dom0 or not -->
>>> that's the right place for your concern, and it has indeed done
>>> check. 
>> I think, I do not understand the patch description.
>> Let me rephrase if I do now due to this discussion:
>> The mcelog driver in Dom0 registers itself to the virq handler to
>> provide the machine check logging service.
> Yes.
>> Xen checks if a virq handler has been registered 
> Yes.
>> but does not check
>> if the dom0 handler is actually ready to take the errors.
>> This patch fixes this.
> I'm not clear your question 'does not check if the dom0 handler
> is actually ready to take the errors'. Could you elaborate more your
concern at this point?

Yes, this is exactly my question. You got it.


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