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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3] libxl: Spice vdagent support for upstream qemu

fantonifabio@xxxxxxxxxx writes ("[PATCH v3] libxl: Spice vdagent support for 
upstream qemu"):
> Usage: spicevdagent=1|0 (default=0)
> Enables spice vdagent. The Spice vdagent is an optional component for
> enhancing user experience and performing guest-oriented management
> tasks. Its features includes: client mouse mode (no need to grab mouse
> by client, no mouse lag), automatic adjustment of screen resolution,
> copy and paste (text and image) between client and domU. It also
> requires vdagent service installed on domU o.s. to work.

Thanks, that's helpful.  What are the security implications ?

In particular, does it mean that when the user has a spice client
connected to a guest, the guest can spy on the user's clipboard all
the time ?


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