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[Xen-devel] stubdom in 4.3 still based on qemu-traditional?

As far as I can tell, the stubdom code is built using qemu-traditional.

Looking at various Xen 4.3 roadmap emails, it's not clear to me
whether the plan is for 4.3 to implement stubdom using xen-upstream or
the new linux-based stubdom (has linux stubdom even been committed?).

I would think that leaving it on qemu-traditional would be the wrong
choice, given (1) the stated goal of, and many efforts towards,
transitioning to xen-upstream; and (2) that development efforts, and
more importantly bug fixes, are almost exclusively being made against
qemu-upstream, with little, if anything, having been backported in the
last few months.

If stubdom is to remain on qemu-traditional, someone probably needs to
review the patches against xen-upstream (going back to when, I do not
know) to determine if anything should or needs to be backported.  For
example, should qemu-upstream commit
2d9b78b602494464ccae7667e655c962db9c3a65 be backported, as I believe
stubdom-dm is a PV guest?

A more minor issue is that the stubdom domain is still being created
using xm instead of xl.

Sorry if this has already been addressed, but it did not turn up in my
searches of this mailing list.

- Eric

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