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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/13] Mainly build system fixes and cleanups


Here are patches for issues (mainly build system problems) which
I found during work on different stuff:
  - xen/arch/x86: Fix efi directory cleanup,
  - tools/libfsimage: Fix clean and distclean make targets,
  - tools/debugger/kdd: Remove dependencies files during make clean,
  - tools/xenmon: Fix typo in Makefile,
  - tools/xenstat/libxenstat: Remove src/libxenstat.a file during make clean,
  - stubdom: Clean extras/mini-os directory during make clean,
  - stubdom: Remove xenstore directory during make crossclean,
  - stubdom: Do not create dangling links,
  - stubdom/vtpm: Silently ignore rm errors during make clean,
  - docs: Remove tmp files during make clean,
  - Silently ignore rm and include errors during make distclean,
  - Remove tools/libaio/src/syscall-ia64.h file,
  - Remove traces of IA-64 architecture support.

I think that it is worth to apply most
of them to stable trees too.


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