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Re: [Xen-devel] [XL] How hotplug scripts are called?

On 07/05/13 07:56, Choonho Son wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have question how domain is built, so I looked at xl.c.
> If we run "xl create vm.cfg",  
>  main_create( ) function is called like;
> create_domain()
>   `---- libxl_domain_create_new( )
>           `---- do_domain_create( )
>                    `---- initiate_domain_create( )
>                            `---- lixl__domain_make( )
>                                    `---- xc_domain_create( )
> following these functions, we can make one domain.
> but my question is how hotplug script like vif-bridge is called? It
> seems like that  "main_networkattach( )" is called somewhere.

Scripts are called from libxl__device_{disk/nic}_add, in the call to
libxl__wait_device_connection libxl waits for the device backend to
reach state 2 and then it executes hotplug scripts.

The function device_hotplug in libxl_device.c takes care of most of the
work, aided by OS specific helpers (see libxl_linux.c and libxl_netbsd.c
for the OS specific implementation).

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