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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 0/4] Rename/remove IS_PRIV

This is mostly a resend from the v3 series, minus those already applied
and the patches merging is_hardware_domain and domid == 0 checks. The
removal of rcu_lock_target_domain_by_id has been split into two patches:
one for the ARM-specific code and one for the removal from common code.

[PATCH 1/4] xen/xsm: add hooks for claim
[PATCH 2/4] xen/arm: remove rcu_lock_target_domain_by_id users
[PATCH 3/4] xen/common: remove rcu_lock_target_domain_by_id
[PATCH 4/4] xen: rename IS_PRIV to is_hardware_domain

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